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Learning Japanese
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  • It's addictive, but I can tell myself it's at least educational
    banndsand (Wanikani user)
  • For me it helped a lot with reading kana. Since I started playing here my hiragana reading speed probably increased by 300%
  • I've been using iKnow, memrise and Anki for more than a year, and your kanji module is the best
    nevermore1845 (reddit user)
  • I think this could really improve your reading speed
    BreadstickNinja (Wanikani user)


Learn Hiragana the right way

Instead of using roman letters, learn Japanese the way Japanese learn it: learn Hiragana directly.


Have fun!

Research shows that having fun increases your learning. In other words, playing a game doesn't just increase your motivation, it is also a scientifically proven method for learning faster and better. Just think about it: are you more likely to remember exciting things or boring things? Personally, we try to forget the boring things!


Learn to read Japanese quickly

Frustrated about having to concentrate to recognize words? Want to increase your reading speed? Users report that their reading speed dramatically increased after using Lingoracer.