How am I matched up with players?

You’re matched up based on your score.

What’s my score?

Every time you beat an opponent, your score increases by one. Every time you lose against someone, your score decreases by 1.

What’s my level?

Your level is based on the points you accumulated every game.

What’s my title?

Your title is based on your progress.

What are the moving images at the top?

In a game of LingoRacer, you are racing against the opponent to the finish (as the name could suggest!). When you answer a question, a green glow surrounds your image while you move forward. When you answer incorrectly, a red glow surrounds your image and you stay still. Lastly, a blue glow will appear pulsating when learning new words. These glows are also shown for the opponent so you what's happening on the other side!

In what order are words learned?

It depends on the room. In the kanji room, words are learned based on how difficult they are to read. In the listening room, words are ordered by frequency based on a list of words from japanese drama and anime.

How does the system track how well I know a word?

Every time you answer a question, it compares it with how well the average person answers that same question. The quicker you answer and the more frequently you answer a question, the better you know the word.

How frequently is a word reviewed?

Based on how well you know a word and how frequently you told the system to review it, based on a spaced repetition algorithm (SRS). For example, if you’ve seen a word many times and you answered the questions quickly and you told the system to review the word rarely, you’ll review that word very infrequently. However, if it’s the first time you encountered a word and you answered the question slowly and you set it to review frequently, you’ll review that word very frequently.

How does it decide what words to teach and what words to review in multiplayer?

In multiplayer, a word is reviewed if both players need to review it. Similarly, a new word is taught if both players haven’t seen it before.

5 seconds to learn a new word is too short! Can you make it longer?

No. It’s normal not to learn a word the first time you see it. You’ll learn it through repeated exposure.

I’m an experienced player, is there a way to skip all the words I already know?

Yes, you can do that in the ignore list section.

New words are being introduced too frequently and it’s hurting my brain! Can you slow it down?

Please contact us so we can improve the introduction frequency: contact@lingoracer.com

I’m reviewing words too frequently. Can you speed it up?

Put words in review ‘rarely’ mode at the end of each game.

Can I play alone?

Not right now, the game will try to match you up against other players unless no match is found, in which case you will play against a bot. Contact us if you really want this feature: contact@lingoracer.com

Can I get 100% progress if I’ve ignored words?


I used this for 2 weeks and I still can’t speak japanese. What gives?

LingoRacer is made to help you learn a large number of words. If you want to learn sentence patterns and speaking, might we suggest https://www.erin.ne.jp/en/ ?

I sometimes have to wait a long time to learn a common word. What gives?

Common words are often hard to read. Hard to read words make for very difficult multiple choice questions. When you become a skilled reader, we’ll show you the difficult to read words.

How can I view my stats?

Click on your avatar picture when you are in a room. You can also check other player's stats by clicking on their avatar. Note that stats depend on the current room, so your stats will differ from one room to the other.

What is the word progression for the stats?

Frozen -> Fresh -> Warm -> Hot -> Cooked

Where can I file bugs and issues with the game?

You can do so in the forum, it is used mainly as a place to gather such feedback from the community.

Is there a faster way to go through the slides at the end of the game or in the ignore list?

You can use the arrow keys (left & right) to navigate the slides faster.

I would like to contribute to the development of the platform, what can I do?

That's great! Well, you can send your email to contact@lingoracer.com so we can invite you to our slack group.